As Erben Yapı we needed to renew our sectoral experience continuously, which started with roof and siding in the year 2000. upon occuring and developing necessities by not losing our amateur spirit. We tried to reflect our learning and open to innovation structure to our work and private life.

Everything began with a question arouse from necessity:

How do we provide our workers security during roof and siding applications?

We have searched this issue for a long time. Researches revealed that necessity continued after we had finished our roof and siding work. We were sorry when we heard the anccidents happened to the personnel who had climbed up the roof for maintenance or to fix the technical problems. Becouse we saw that those personnel did not have the experience working in those heights which our montage team was familiar and that they did not know the material they walked on.

We have found out that we can solve this problem in several ways:


PERMANENT LIFE LINES done during montage but used after montage

PERMANENT LIFE LINES for assembled buildings suitable to the siding material

When we examined the materials and technical application details, we determined that the materials had to be nature resistant, long lasting and stainless, had to provide leakproof with the roof, had to be technically all tested and had to be supported with international certificates.

Our roads intersected with SFS INTEK which is experienced in roofing screws like us. SFS INTEK has got the brand SFS SOTER which is specializes about air tightness of roofing screws and carrying capacity. This brand respond our needs with a broad product range in permanent life lines.

ERBEN YAPI and SFS SOTER union with the guarantee of MASAS GROUP, full air tightness, the process of permanent life line applications started with a 25 years guarantee.